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Geeta Pariwar
4.7 3 Reviews

T R Suresh babu, KURAVANKUZHY P.O, Pathanamthitta


Sreyas (H), Kuravankuzhy P O, Pullad, Pathanamthitta

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T R Suresh babu, KURAVANKUZHY P.O, Pathanamthitta 3 reviews

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3 reviews
  • Suresh

    Jai Shree Krishna,
    Beloved Bharateeya Brethren,
    The vast majority of the contemporary Sanatanees are complacently knee deep drenched in stark ignorance, mainly due to their wanton neglect of our most precious scriptures.

    The correction ought to start somewhere, at some point of time. Why NOT begin right now, taking a firm determination to start with
    obtaining your texts from OFFLINE GEETA STORES located at: Pullad-Kuravankuzhy Elapp Road, PTA Keralam. 689548
    without any further waste of the most precious time, allotted to each one of us, in this very life, please!
    🕉 Jai Shree Krishna🌹

    • t r suresh babu (9447731727)


      *With the upcoming school/college holidays beginning the month end, it is an Excellent choice to encourage children to acquire a vidya viz; Geetaa-Jnaanam, that will come-in handy to motivate them to lead a fruitful life ahead, amongst the several worthless pursuits they may be misguided to engage in, otherwise. Geeta pariwar has been FREELY giving out the scriptural wisdom to all aspiring seekers of all ages, since 1986.*

      Presently there are nearly 8-9 Lakhs of Geeta saadhaks around the globe, seriously studying, practicing, propagating and teaching this supreme knowledge through ONLINE ZOOM Meet in sessions of 40 min each, from 5AM till post midnight 2.40 AM on weekdays., in your select language from among 13 Languages in the time-slot of your choice. On Saturdays and Sundays, there are classes in Hindi and English, with Grammer sessions, guided solo chanting practice, Question/Answer sessions of a descriptive/interactive nature, lasting 2 to 3 Hrs. All these classes are run, Free of any charges/fees.*
      A few books are available to augment your self-studies with Q.R codes of video/Audio classes for each chapter of Geeta. These books are available on PAYMENT from the central ONLINE stores in Lucknow and srate-wise OFFLINE Stores are run by volunteers in almost all states and are listed in the Geeta Parivaar website. Geeta books are available in regional languages and 9 other languages. Books can be ordered ONLINE as well as Directly Purchased from these stores.

      Please make the best use of these facilities, to interface your children and other elderly family members, with the Vedic wisdom, at the earliest.

      Vande Bharat Maataram,
      *🕉Jai Shree Krishna🙏

  • Radhakumari

    I want to order a copy..


      MALAYALAM Hardbound copies arrived today 27/11.
      Please collect or order: cost ₹150 + postage ₹42 per copy.

      Need yet another copy?


        TRIRATNIYA Geeta POCKET size (Hindi) arrived. available for COLLECTION/Despatch by Post (₹18 + postage ₹42). 🙏

      • OFFLINE STORE-Keralam

        All Krishna-Bhakta are kindly reminded of the upcoming GEETA-JAYANTI next week,
        Fresh batch of FREE ONLINE GEETHA COURSE commencing 4/Jan 2024,
        Ayodhya Shree Ram Mandir Praana-Pratishtta scheduled 22/Jan 2024….
        Make every possible effort to derive spiritual advantage of these very rare upsurge and encourage other colleagues/friends/relatives in your contact, please!
        🕉 Jai Shree. Krishna.🌹

  • t r suresh babu 9447731727 Acc. No: 33072978174 IFSC: SBIN0008626 SBI AMRITAPURI Branch.


    Aspiring Geeta-Saadhaks are humbly requested to inform your requirements of:
    1. Triratniya Geeta: paperback pocket size Hindi,
    2.Sarala Patthaneeya Geeta Devanagari paperback & MALAYALAM Hardbound
    copies (currently stocked here, in Devanagari and Malayalam prints only) well in advance, considering the UPCOMING NEW L1 BATCH
    Transit formalities and delays, please!
    3. TriRatniya Hardbound Hindi pocket size: is in transit.
    🕉Jai Jai Shree Krishna🌹

    Mobl / What’s App:
    ಇ-ಮೇಲ್ ವಿಳಾಸ

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